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Beezy Case Study: Turning intranets into a solution

Until now many companies failed to build an intranet as part of a broader “digital workplace” strategy. Tons of time and money have been spent for environments that have never been adopted completely. The reason for the development is simple: People have to work and get things done, so they do not want to use their working time to find their way through a system that actually costs more time than it saves.
However during the last few years enterprise collaboration capabilities increased. This enables new intranet concepts driven by machine-learning and collaboration tools. UX can be designed more dynamic and in a way that finally fits with business goals and user needs. What does that mean in terms of push or pull communication? And why is engagement such a vital aspect with regard to the digital workplace? The case study by Beezy has got the answers.

Key Facts

  • Do it like Facebook & co. and embed a news feed.
  • Empower people to use intranets, do not scare them away with complexity.
  • Establish feedback mechanisms to promote employee engagement.
  • Plan collaboration tools upon end-to-end business scenarios.

The full case study “Leveraging the Newsfeed to Improve Adoption, Engagement and Productivity” with all insights is available for download.