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Case Study: Getting Proactive to Drive Organizational Collaboration

Douglas Bacon, Global Lead, Digital Collaboration, from Novartis gave a captivating presentation at the Intra.Net Reloaded Boston about getting proactive to drive organizational collaboration, awareness and efficiency. In his presentation, he shares his personal perspective on the digital workplace. For Bacon, the digital workplace is more than just having an intranet. For him, it is rather a holistic approach of how people engage with digital solutions in their ecosystem making this a case study others can truly learn from!

Key topics:

  • Deriving automated associate expertise profiles for over 6,000 highly specialized knowledge workers through data-mining and machine-learning
  • Reversing the information discovery paradigm through recommendation systems
  • All along the way evolving a highly conservative organizational culture to increase engagement, innovation and communication

To watch the presentation in full, click on the following link: View full case study

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04 – 05 April | Seaport Hotel Boston, USA