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Case Study: How To Transform The Employee Experience With Microapps

Why Read This Report

Employees use a variety of mobile and desktop applications to access information they need to accomplish their jobs. However, these apps are often siloed, are difficult to manage, and don’t offer a tailored experience that allows individual employees to focus on the tasks that matter most in their work.

Infrastructure and operations (I&O) professionals should read this report to learn how one large media player used microapps to transform its employee application strategy and provide actionable, relevant data to its employees through a single digital portal.

Key Takeaways

CBSi Had An App Adoption Problem
The company had invested in many employeefacing applications, but hardly any employees were using them.

CBSi Worked With Sapho To Simplify And Consolidate Applications Into A Single Portal
Instead of deploying multiple enterprise apps to employees, CBSi identified the most important tasks that employees wanted to accomplish and streamlined them in a single, omnichannel feed using microapps.

CBSi Improved The Employee Experience
CBSi increased app adoption, spurred collaboration between employees and the tech organization, introduced more self-service into the workforce, and simplified application management.

Experience CBSi’s journey to solve its application productivity problem and learn how to transform the employee experience with microapps.