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Case Study: Pillars and Personalization Driving a Modern Intranet

In the upcoming years, innovation in enterprise software won’t come from new tools but from better ones. Artificial intelligence has the potential to take the workplace by storm by making existing software dramatically more efficient. Concepts like Ambient Computing, Big Data, Internet Of Things, Deep Learning and Bots are not only buzz words but also exciting technological breakthroughs that will soon have a real impact on our daily routines at work.

At the 2019 Intranet Reloaded Boston, Matthew Banks, Director of Strategic Accounts from Beezy, took a closer look at these technologies to show examples of how they are transforming the workplace and giving superpowers to organizations and employees. This presentation also reviews which AI tools are available today and how to practically apply each technology to make collaboration, communication and Knowledge Management more efficient. and how AI can help streamline business processes.

Topics addressed in this presentation:

1.Get to know the AI-related trends that will shape the future of the work
2.Understand the technologies that can make an Intelligent Workplace become a reality today
3.Plan for AI applications in your Digital Transformation roadmap

About Beezy:

Beezy is the premier enterprise collaboration solution for SharePoint and Office 365. We make collaboration within your organization easy and relevant. By extending the Microsoft productivity stack, we unify the digital workplace and empower end users to better communicate, share, and collaborate across on-premises, cloud, and hybrid environments. Multi-nationals like Vodafone and Transocean utilize Beezy to make the world smaller, and bring teams together daily. Customers look to Beezy to help them hone their differentiation, improve operations, and align teams behind initiatives and rally individuals to act. As a US technology company, with development in Europe, we understand how important it can be to bring teams together.

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