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Case Study: The Power of Video in the Intranet

Rainer Möller gave a captivating presentation at the Intra.NET Reloaded Berlin in 2018 on the power of video in the Intranet. How can enterprise youtube be used in the digital workplace? For Möller, youtube provides a single point of search that is known to and available for everyone and which can be used in all environments. But what requirements does a platform such as youtube need to fulfill to be able to serve a corporate environment? What this presentation in full to find out.

Rainer Möller is Lead Solution Architect at movingimage. As solution consultant and innovation driver for the enterprise video management platforms, his focus lies on delivering tailor-made solutions for his clients –without skipping any details.

Defining the future of digital workplace in Berlin. Be part of the forum for communication and IT experts in the German capital.

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11 – 12 April | KOSMOS Cinema Berlin, Germany