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Earley & Associates: 7 Steps to getting more from IT Investments

Earley & Associates published a white paper to discuss a recipe for getting more business value out of IT investments. Yet, resistance to addressing information access and integration head-on is common because it seems like a “boiling the ocean” problem. Here is where strategies to improve information agility are needed. The document provides seven steps that are clearly achievable and crucial to long term success – from identifying critical business processes and the enterprise information landscape to measuring business impact of new practices.

How to get more out of IT Investments?

Identify critical business processes and the enterprise information landscape
Create a Common Business Language
Embed Language in Tools, Systems and Processes
Create Governance and Change Management Programs
Promote Better Information Hygiene
Develop metrics programs aligned with information hygiene
Measure business impact of new practices

The abstract only gives a rough overview on the aspects discussed in the white paper. Download the full piece to get a step by step guideline on how to invest in IT assets more efficiently.