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Expert Interview: Lena Hildeberg from Bonnier on the Best of Breeds Approach


Lena Hildeberg
Head of Internal Communications, Bonnier Broadcasting


Lena Hildeberg
Head of Internal Communications, Bonnier Broadcasting

In the course of the approaching Intra.NET Reloaded Event in Berlin, we had a chat with Lena Hildeberg from Bonnier Broadcasting.
Lena is Head of Internal Communications and Digital Workplace at Bonnier Broadcasting, with the two consumer brands TV4 and C More in Sweden and MTV in Finland, one of the largest commercial TV networks in Scandinavia. In an organisation and media industry where change is “the new black”, Lena and her colleagues have launched a prize winning intranet where the staff members themselves are given power over the content, taking advantage of self leadership which is one of the core values within the corporate culture.

we.CONECT: Which trends and challenges will impact the digital workplace in the coming years?

Lena Hildeberg: In short term, I think an approach of “Best of Breeds”, where companies use different tools for different purposes, as opposed to use for example SharePoint and Office 365 for everything in the digital workplace, will grow. In the long run I guess AI, machine learning and robotics will make an impact in the digital office as well as in our everyday lives. How, will be very interesting to find out and I look forward to my first little personal robot helper at work.

we.CONECT: How does your organisation measure intranet user adoption and what would you suggest to your peers to increase engagement?

Lena Hildeberg: We measure intranet usage both via Google Analytics and in surveys. We also have a digital reference group who we use for smaller surveys when we feel the need to ask our users’ advice. For us a winning concept to increase engagement is to have a highly updated flow of news, mostly created by the staff themselves. In that way, we are as relevant and up to date as any of their private news or social media feeds. And we can see that the co-workers check out the intranet several times per day, hopefully as often as they check their Facebook feed.

we.CONECT: How do you improve user experience on your platform?

Lena Hildeberg: We haven’t got a lot of development hours to improve our platform, unfortunately, not as many as we would like anyway. We try to fix flaws that make it hard for users to publish their own material on the platform, since that is a major part of our intranet strategy – content created by the staff members themselves. It needs to be simple to post stuff on the intranet – preferably as simple as posting something on Facebook or Twitter.

we.CONECT: Who owns the intranet? How do you and your team approach governance?

Lena Hildeberg: Internal communications, at the combined Communications and HR department, owns the intranet, and the digital workplace as a whole, together with IT. Together internal comms and IT set the backlog and roadmap for the intranet and other collaboration systems.

we.CONECT: How would you define a ‘social intranet’? How has your company been dealing with social media?

Lena Hildeberg: A social intranet has social features on it, like collaboration sites, likes and comments, internal blogs and chats, but of course one could use other systems and social platforms to be social internally in the organisation. We mainly offer blogs on different subjects, a possibility to comment and like content et cetera on the actual intranet, and chats you can find on our project portal in Sharepoint and in Slack. On Facebook we have some unofficial groups for certain subjects (for example our gym and our social media teams), and when we have big internal events we set up hashtags on Instagram for those occations. To summarise, we have a “Best of Breed” mindset also when it comes to social media.

we.CONECT: Please briefly explain the key elements of your presentation at the Intra.NET Reloaded Berlin.

Lena Hildeberg: I will talk about our Best of Breed strategy and also the importance of linking the vision and goals for the intranet and digital workplace with both the corporate culture in general and the physical workplace in the office.

we.CONECT: What expectations do you have regarding the Intra.NET Reloaded Berlin? Which outcomes and benefits do you expect to gain from the exchange with participating companies?

Lena Hildeberg: For me the main benefit from events like this is to benchmark and get new contacts and inspiration from the solutions other companies have implemented. What I especially like in Berlin is the large number of participant – you can always find something or someone interesting to be inspired by.

we.CONECT: Which crucial topics or challenges would you like to discuss with the Intra.NET Reloaded Berlin community?

Lena Hildeberg: How others work with engagement in the staff to participate themselves to the content on the intranet, and how they are encouraged to start using tools like project portals and other collaborative systems when they are launched. Also how others perceive the future of internal communications in the brave new world of millennials, smart bots and AI. And how to get companies and decision makers to invest in modern internal systems that matches the other systems and tools our employees are used to in their life outside of work, like great social platforms today and bots and AI tomorrow.

we.CONECT: Thank you very much for taking your time to participate in an interview.