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Webinar: Foster employee engagement on SharePoint with advanced analytics

So you’ve made huge investments into your new Digital Workplace and your management is asking you if you’re reaching your goals. Are people adopting the platform? Are people changing the way they work? What is the impact of your internal communication?
Without a comprehensive analytics solution you won’t be able to answer these questions nor to understand how your platform is used, especially not with the native Microsoft analytics.
In this webinar, Nicolas Saliba, CEO & founder of Tryane will show how both your IT and Communication teams can take SharePoint to the next level.

This webinar will cover the following topics:

How to measure the adoption of SharePoint by department/business unit/geography…
How to show the impact of any internal communication (page, news, document…)
How to detect inactive content in order to cut the clutter
How to customize analytics dashboards to focus on what’s important to you

About Tryane:
Tryane strives to empower organizations and drive their digital transformation with better insights. For this, Tryane offers analytics solutions giving meaningful insights on Office 365 practices to better pilot the Digital Transformation.