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Gaining Communication Expertise via latest Tech Tools

Have you ever noticed that the best leaders are also the best communicators? Not only they are able to deliver their ideas and thoughts efficiently, but they are also great listeners. This makes it possible for them to improve employee relations and address underlying concerns that can negatively impact office culture.
CEOs, managers and team leaders however are always on the go, juggling meetings, keeping track of deadlines and much more. This makes direct communication a lot harder because leaders cannot always be physically present around their employees.
Luckily technology has made it easier for leaders to connect with their staff. Video communication channels like video conference calls are working better than ever before.
Effective communication is an integral part of leadership as it fosters a collaborative environment where everybody can contribute thoughts and ideas. The best leaders see themselves as role models and encourage their employees to offer valuable feedback in order to improve the companies’ processes.

How technology promotes better communication

But what exactly are the greatest advantages contributed by communication tech? Here are 5 aspects that show how technology can save companies a lot of effort – and money.

Wide access

Thanks to modern communication, corporate leaders can connect with thousands of people instantly. Whether you are trying to test out a promotional idea or develop a better relationship with your customers, social media channels e.g. may draw attention within your target group.
Communication technology also enabled crowdsourcing opportunities which is an easy way to go far and beyond in knowing what your customers want. These techniques are often used to explore new business ideas, test out ventures and collect valuable customer information that is vital for their company.


The latest tech tools make it possible for leaders and CEO’s to delegate responsibilities from remote areas. Undoubtedly, this would be much more difficult if people did not have access to the internet or could not email each other. Mobile communication allows employees to access office resources virtually, anywhere in the world. This will enable managers to provide real-time feedback to their employees without worrying about costly bills or time-consuming processes.

Overcoming geographical barriers

Not everybody has the time and budget to travel around the city to attend meetings and conferences. Luckily the latest tech tools allow effective communication regardless of geographical barriers. This makes it easier for people to keep in touch even if both parties are situated in different countries. After all, most professionals have access to high-speed internet and the latest tech tools. This makes it possible for leaders to send documents, instructions and valuable feedback even when they are situated in remote areas.

Customer service

Today, time is money which is why everybody is always rushing. In the race to come up with the best products, ideas, and campaigns, companies may often lose sight of what’s really important: their customers.
The best leaders realize the importance of excellent customer service and thus set up multiple portals and channels where people can post their feedback. Thanks to emails, social media platforms, online databases and instant messaging, companies can now directly communicate with their valuable customers, chase and close deals and deal with problems in real-time through various channels. This saves both parties time and money which would have otherwise been spent on long telephone calls or hours spent on the commute.

Face-to-face interaction

Nothing beats face-to-face interaction since it enables people to each other’s facial expressions and body languages. However, today, most leaders are busy hopping flights and attending meetings.
Nowadays there is a ton of applications that may assist executives with scheduling meetings, replying to emails and arranging meetings whilst travelling. Video chat tools like FaceTime facilitate face-to-face contact. This makes it easier for both parties to contribute their ideas and thoughts.
You see: latest technologies have the potential to improve enterprise communication, both internal and external. There are various application fields where communication tech can promote collaboration – now it’s up to the leaders to implement them.

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