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09:30 CET

Readiness in the Digital Age
Jane McConnell, Digital Workplace Strategic Advisor, Net Strategy JMC

10:00 CET

It’s the intelligence!
Maximo Castagno, Chief Product Officer, Beezy

10:30 CET

Lessons for a Successful Transformation
Yuri Aguiar, Director of Innovation and Transformation, Ogilvy Group

11:30 CET

Enterprise Search – a Single point of Entry into a World of many channels and Systems
Dan Thomsen, Partner, Wizdom

12:00 CET

How to create an ultra-simple, award-winning and user-focused intranet with a 3-person team
Jordan Cox, Platform Partnership Lead, World Food Programme

12:30 CET

The Power of Video in the Intranet – Enterprise YouTube for the Digital Workplace
Rainer Möller, Lead Solution Architect, movingimage

13:00 CET

Intranet without borders – creating a place employees want to use
Toms Kalnitis, Head of Internal Communications, Latvian Railway