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13:30 (CET)

Why Your Company Needs More Collaboration
David Kiron, Executive Editor

14:00 (CET)

Finding Balance in Democratizing IT vs. Boosting Enterprise Collaboration
Joel Oleson, Senior IT Manager

14:30 (CET)

It’s the intelligence!
Maximo Castagno, Chief Product Officer, Beezy

15:30 (CET)

Survive or Thrive? A Year In the Life Of a Complex Global Intranet at Marriott International
Eric Scholz, Senior Director & Editor in Chief

16:00 (CET)

An intranet success story from Mars – Launching an intranet pilot 45,000 unique users around the world
Dr. Tiph Turpin, Senior Internal Communications Manager

16:30 (CET)

Creating an Engaging Cloud-Based Intranet Together
Phuong Tran-Le, Digital Design & Content Manager, Internal Communications


Establishing a governance model for a sustainable health intranet portal and collaboration workspaces
Dan Thomsen, Partner