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Intra.NET Reloaded London 2018 – Survey Report

We turned to our international community of executives and directors involved in the evolution of the digital workplace to give us an overview about the state of intranet availability in their companies.

Is the digital workplace already quite advanced or are they trying to catch up with the latest trends and developments in the industry? Have their companies progressed to a social intranet with mobile access or are they tackling the basics, such as document search and employee directories? The survey brought the answers to these questions and more.

More than 250 experts took part in the survey to showcase how they are approaching the topic and what challenges they face.

Key Facts (Extract)

  • The vast majority of respondents have an intranet, with SharePoint being the most commonly used platform (52%).
  • 59% of companies have launched their intranet before 2010 and most companies have launched their intranet company-wide by now (94%).
  • Only just over a third of all companies carried out an employee survey prior to the launch.
  • 75% of participating companies use analytic tools to track their intranets.

Be sure to download the full report to get to whole package of information about intranet implementation within the European corporate landscape.