Evolve Your Intranet into a Digital Workplace

Video is the most effective way to collaborate and share information across your enterprise today. People engage with video more than any other medium. Now you can utilize the power of video collaboration in SharePoint.

The SharePoint Connector makes it easy to integrate, manage, share and stream video within SharePoint sites, Wikis and discussions or rich text fields – without bringing down the network. By enabling your intranet to run video you will improve your employee communication and by connecting people they can share ideas easier and work together more efficiently. With responsive player technology, intranet streaming and enterprise-grade security your intranet can become a true digital workplace.

Focus on content, not bandwidth or security!

Watch our video and see how you can promote knowledge sharing and optimize your intranet experience.   Watch Now!

Secure, Quick, Effortless Video Collaboration with SharePoint

SharePoint Video Infrastructure

For additional information, feel free to download the fact sheet “Video for SharePoint”.   Download Now