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movingimage Webinar – Get your own Internal YouTube-like Video Portal!

Get your own Internal YouTube-like Video Portal!

Ever wanted your own internal YouTube-like video portal? Access your entire company’s video content via one single and simple point of entry. It could not be easier. Think about how much more effective your organization would be if you had more transparency and cross-departmental knowledge transfer. What if you had a company-wide video repository that contained all departments’ videos in one place, with person-specific access permissions, so that people on different teams can have more visibility (as appropriate) into other areas of the business and can engage in cross-training or collaborate on content?

In our 30-minute webinar, we will show you how to get a true Corporate Tube for your company. With the movingimage Secure Enterprise Video Platform, you will solve all video challenges concerning security and management of videos, bandwidth and IT bottlenecks, and we will help you to reshape your company’s communication culture. It will empower you in sharing videos with colleagues, promoting team spirit and maintain a healthy and productive exchange between departments. We will show you this innovative portal not only has unlimited uses but access control ensures that your video content is kept safe and secure -on any device.

During the webinar we covered the following topics:

How to implement a Corporate Tube into your existing network and applications
Explore how a central video hub simplifies enterprise video communication
Discover how to increase employee engagement and still keep your content security policies in place.

The webinar was held in English and German, please choose one of the options below: