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Reviewing and Adapting: The Key to Engagement in Internal Communications

Prior to the ScaleUp 360° Intranet, we.CONECT spoke with Francisco Lalanne, Internal Communications Specialist at Trivago, about trends in the digital workplace and ways to improve user experience.

trivago - francisco lalane

Francisco Lalanne creates strategies to effectively communicate business information internally, address employeesconcerns, to reinstate or share messaging from the internal stakeholders. While keeping ajournalistic approach, he works closely with internal stakeholders (employees, leads, CEOs) to assist inbroad dissemination of their messaging. The role requires a creative approach that enables him to create creative campaigns to engage employees with the company vision and goals.

we.CONECT: Which trends and challenges will impact the digital workplace in the coming years?

Francisco Lalanne: I think one of the things we are seeing is that the digital workplace replicates the social media landscape that we have in our personal life. Now we have workplace by Facebook, yammer by Microsoft, video in e-mails, video platforms, podcasts, intranets connected via apps, etc. And one of the important things regarding this is that we are empowering more and more employees to share, comment and  to own the information that they wish to share within the organization. This, of course, comes with a huge amount of trust on the employees, since you can´t share the same as what you share in your personal life.

we.CONECT: How do you at Trivago measure intranet user adoption and what would you suggest to your peers to increase engagement?

Francisco Lalanne: I believe this is a struggle for all of us working on internal communication. In the case of trivago, we measure everything. We use Google analytics for our internal NewsHub, but we also measure the reactions people have on slack posts, the number of views of certain pages in our intranet, number of sign-ups for events, numbers of people assisting to an event or to a Q&A, number of views on video content, etc. I think the key to engagement is always reviewing and adapting. Sometimes things can get predictable for the employee, so we review and adapt on a monthly basis, checking what went well, what when wrong and where we can improve or change.

we.CONECT: How do you improve user experience on your platform?

Francisco Lalanne: By testing! We conduct focus groups internally; we use surveys and we test and measure. Also, we keep an open communication channel with our internal tools developers, so we can ensure the best guidance and keep it real on what it is possible to achieve.

we.CONECT: How would you define a ‘social intranet’? How have you been dealing with social media?

Francisco Lalanne: I think a social intranet is an intranet that empowers employees to share their own content, allowing them to express themselves. You can have a different type of regulations and guidelines.

At Trivago we have some channels that are just for distributing news where employees can´t comment or post, but we do have some other channels where they can share their opinion, comment on articles, intranet pages, etc. I think that allowing them to express themselves is key to foster transparency and trust in the organization.

we.CONECT: Please briefly explain the key elements of your presentation at ScaleUp 360° Intranet

Francisco Lalanne: During my presentation, I´m going to focus on creating audiovisual content for internal communication: video & podcasts.
What to consider if you want to create internal podcasts, how to define the formats, what is key for moderating. Also, regarding internal videos, how to make them engaging, is this content worth it of a video or does it requires another format.

we.CONECT: Thank you, Francisco, for taking the time!

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