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Interview: Break Corporate Information Into Bite-Size With Video

Prior to the ScaleUp 360° Intranet, we.CONECT spoke with Katrin Bouani Yonga, Director of Marketing from movingimage, about corporate learning and effective corporate communication and the role videos can play in improving it.

Katrin Bouani Yonga movingimage

Katrin Bouani Yonga joined movingimage, the provider of cloud-based B2B solution for video management, in 2017. She has been working in the software industry for more than 15 years and is specialized with the topic of digital workplace and the marketing of innovative products or services.

we.CONECT: What are the most interesting digital workplace trends at the moment/in the coming year?

Katrin Bouani Yonga: There are several digital trends that I, personally, find exciting, main ones being AI, corporate learning, and the focus on employee experience. AI is probably THE most talked-about trend at the moment. It’s amazing to see this technology in action and to realize its impact on daily functions. Our video team, for example, has been using AI-subtitles for a while now. The feature saves them a lot of time and headache. It’s almost like having another employee on board. And this is just one example out of many. In the last year or so I’ve had the chance to explore AI-metadata, AI-editing, and the list goes on and on.
Corporate learning is another hot topic. It’s basically a new approach to company-related learning that is meant to break corporate information into bite-size, more engaging pieces of content. We’ve noticed that video is particularly effective for corporate learning purposes. It is more entertaining and much easier to retain than, say, a 100-page document. It also supports personal development since it embodies the transition from central learning to an individual, flexible learning method. Each employee is encouraged to explore new topics and acquire new skills at their own pace and whenever he is ready.
This actually has a lot to do with the third trend I’ve mentioned: employee experience. Companies now realize that employees’ experience highly affects their collaboration and communication. Fostering a supportive work environment where information is available, accessible, and approachable results in better performance and high morale across all departments.

we.CONECT: What are the biggest challenges for corporate communication and effective collaboration in the workplace?

Katrin Bouani Yonga: Today’s corporate dynamics is characterized by globally-dispersed teams and, in most cases, a highly-competitive marketplace. While communication is a key factor in an effective workflow, it is often compromised by conventional media such as email and phone due to their inability to “show and tell.” In time-sensitive environments, the time it takes to convey messages is a make or break. I’ve recently read that the average employee spends about 13 hours a week opening, reading, and replying to work emails. This figure is mind-blowing.
Not to mention, the impersonal nature of most corporate media results in teams that are less interactive and less engaged. In order for teams to realize a collaborative team-work and help one another, they need to establish a connection with one another.

we.CONECT: How would you define a ‘social intranet’ and what benefits does it have for enterprises?

Katrin Bouani Yonga: I would define a social intranet as a video portal that combines the best parts of social media platforms, internal collaboration sites, (e.g., Jive, SharePoint) and corporate video portals. Once you mix these features, you get the ultimate virtual networking medium. It makes employees interact better, more initiative, share their professional knowledge more effectively, and eventually, be more motivated at work. Considering the fact that, as I’ve previously mentioned, most modern enterprises employ globally-dispersed teams, a social intranet is imperative in unlocking a business’s true collaborative potential. Another positive by-product of the increased interaction and motivation is a reduced employee turnover rate, which is a major concern in many industries.

we.CONECT: How can video content boost internal learning, collaboration and onboarding processes?

Katrin Bouani Yonga: Video has a twofold advantage: it speeds-up the learning process and makes people retain more information. So, for example, you could squeeze a 15-page technical document into a 2-minute video that is more engaging, more concise, even interactive. Furthermore, if I handed you this lengthy document, the odds are you wouldn’t remember much after reading it. It turns out most people only remember 10% of what they read, compared to 90% when watching a video.
In the same way, video can expedite the onboarding process and bring employees up-to-speed a lot faster. Moreover, a video portal allows them to watch how-to videos on demand and re-watch them when required, enabling them to learn on the fly in a flexible manner.

we.CONECT: Please briefly explain the key elements of your presentation at ScaleUp 360° Intranet.

Katrin Bouani Yonga: My presentation is about social video. That is, why and how to incorporate video into a learning strategy. I will also discuss video’s corporate savings potential and AI-video. I start with video social intranet and its benefits for the digital workplace. For example, how video helps remote teams to communicate better, how essential it is for engagement & knowledge-sharing, and why engaged employees are essentially better employees.
I then move on to the corporate savings potential that video holds and provide real-life examples of how other companies are doing it. I break-down different corporate functions and demonstrate how companies can utilize video to drive down their costs.
Lastly, I discuss AI-video, which is a huge focus for us, as well as for the entire business landscape. I will present some of our current AI-video features and provide a sneak-peek into upcoming AI-video features.

we.CONECT: Thank you, Katrin, for taking the time!

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