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Success Story of a Digital Transformation Using Microsoft Office 365 and OneWindow Workplace Turnkey Intranet

The Brookings Institution (Brookings) had a collaboration problem — they needed a robust yet quick-to-deploy intranet solution to complement their Microsoft Office 365 investment. And as a non-profit public policy organization, Brookings was acutely aware they had to be forward thinking technologically in order to attract and retain top talent, stay relevant and competitive, and maintain their superior status in the industry.

To help solve this collaboration problem, our team introduced Brookings to OneWindow Workplace (OneWindow). OneWindow acted as a turnkey, intranet-as-a-service solution that fulfilled their goals, requirements, budget and deployment deadline and allowed them to experience a powerful and invaluable digital transformation.

Withum Whitepaper

Read the whitepaper and learn how the approach of a cloud-based intranet helped The Brookings Institution to optimize its collaboration and engagement level.