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Survey Report: Intranet Strategy & Monitoring

we.CONECT connected with more than 200 senior level executives and directors from major European companies to gather professional feedback on intranet strategy & monitoring trends. The executives were polled on the platforms their company is using, intranet accessibility & user encouragement and departmental responsibilities, only to name some of the questions asked.

Key Facts

  • SharePoint is by far the most popular intranet platform software (51% use it).
  • Only 44% of all companies carried out an employee survey prior to the launch of their intranet.
  • Rewards for people who engage with the intranet: Competitions (15%), Ratings (14%), Badges (4%), Vouchers (2%)
  • Most frequently mentioned intranet purposes: Office applications (56%), Project management (50%), HR systems (47%)

Download the Intra.NET Reloaded London Survey Report here and keep yourself updated with key trends, challenges and developments around intranet strategy.