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Survey Report: Social Collaboration Strategies & Digital Workplace Approaches

we.CONECT surveyed more than 200 senior level executives and leading professionals in technology, business and communications on current and future social business strategies and digital workplace approaches. The survey generated a fair amount of relevant insights by industry pioneers, thought leaders and practitioners which we condensed to the Enterprise Business Collaboration report.

Key Insights (Excerpt)

  • In most cases digital platforms are owned by IT (37%), Corporate Communication (23%) and Internal Communications departments (22%).
  • Only 10% of the polled companies record more than 5.000 contributors on their social collaboration platform.
  • 69% of the collaboration platforms are ready for mobile.
  • Just 16% confirmed that their company provides an excellent digital platform.

Download the Enterprise Business Collaboration survey report 2017 and grab first hand insights from 200+ intranet and enterprise social experts.