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It’s in the vault – Lessons from rebuilding our company-wide Wiki – Shopify Case Study

Intra.NET Reloaded Boston is America’s leading knowledge exchange platform for all stakeholders who play an active role in the internal communication, intranet and digital workplace scene.

At Intra.NET Reloaded Boston 2020, Kathleen Cauley and Kristy Hesketh  presented  the approach Shopify took to update the companies wiki (intranet). They discussed what made this project a success and also shared the lessons learned.

Although the intranet tool was developed internally, it can be applied to any intranet-like project.

In the presentation following key learning are presented:

  • How the project was structured using people, process, and technology framework and built a team that included representation from HR, knowledge management, and internal technology
  • How the new intranet solved the problem to regain trust in the tool,
  • How an information architecture was developed, a content migration strategy, and integrated change management practices throughout the project
  • How success was measured, what metrics were used and what lessons were learned

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