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Wells Fargo: Identifying experts & key influencers

Not a few companies try to connect with experts or key influencers to boost their reputation. But how to find the right people for the job? And what does it take to be an expert? The case study published by Wells Fargo gives the answers regarding these issues. One thing in advance: You don’t always have to seek for external expertise; sometimes you just have to take a closer look at the people in your own company to identify true experts.

Key Facts

  • Experts are knowledgeable, findable and available.
  • Reputation is built by participation.
  • Influencers are connected, open to content and have established reputation.
  • To dos: differentiate, access, connect, retent.

The full case study is available for download. Click the button below to access the full presentation “Identifying experts & key influencers”.